to record videos larger than 4 GB

According to a change spotted in the code review for Android Open Source Project (AOSP), it will soon be possible to record videos of a size of more than 4 GB with Android and on an equipped smartphone.

This limitation now seems obsolete. according to XDA Developers, recording a 4K video on a Google Pixel 4 smartphone reaches 4 GB after a dozen minutes, with a default quality of 30 frames per second and a bit rate of 48 Mbps.

After 12 minutes of 4K video recording, the camera application saves a video file and starts recording another video file, without alerting the user. A 73-minute 4K recording thus resulted in a salami sauce with seven different files.

google pixel 4 video 4k 73 minutes 00FA000001664821 - to record videos larger than 4 GBXDA Developers: 73-minute 4K video recording with Pixel 4

The limitation was implemented in 2014 with classes for MediaMuxer and MPEG4Writer. The lifting of the limitation is linked to an evolution compared to work done with 32-bit files. With the change, it was possible to record video files up to 32 GB in size.

Coming soon with Android 11?

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