Tips to take care of the skin on long trips THE NATIONAL

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Air travel for more than three hours is a challenge for the body, and even more so for the facial skin. Changes in atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity cause the skin to become dehydrated, turn off its tone and, in some cases, produce excessive redness, a rosacea and even the appearance of acne.

This is due to the fact that the air conditioning of the plane favors the evaporation of water in the environment, which produces something medically known in the skin as peripheral hypoxia, a situation characterized by circulatory insufficiency and cellular respiration.

How to avoid it?

“The ideal is to prepare ourselves from the inside days before, eating foods rich in bioflavonoids, such as eggplant and plums, which are the ones that improve circulation. A day before, it is recommended to bet on a facial lymphatic drainage, which will help maintain fluidity in the movement of the circulatory system, ”says José Salazar, a doctor specializing in alternative and anti-aging therapies.

During the trip, it is necessary to avoid makeup at all. Instead, it is recommended to treat the skin with thermal water or some chamomile tonic lotion, massaging the face with piano-like touches from the eyelids to the neck. Drinking water with lemon to prevent swelling and occasionally walking down the aisle of the plane are other tips.

For long trips the most important thing is to prepare the skin. If it has been planned with time, the most appropriate is to make a general detox treatment, as well as to wear the very popular single-dose hyaluronic acid masks so that the skin is not dehydrated during the flight.

He jet lag and skin health

The destabilization due to the change in the schedule produced by a trip is not only manifested in the hours of sleep. The skin, and the organism in general, also succumb to it. The night is very important for the life cycle of the skin because it is the moment in which the collagen and elastin fibers are regenerated and manufactured. These provide flexibility and firmness to the face.

“As during the trip we do not have this sleep phase, due to the change of time zones, the skin does not regenerate and suffers. Therefore, reaching the destination and trying to regularize the sleep cycle as quickly as possible is just as important as any facial treatment ”, recommends Dr. Giulianna Berrocal Sotomayor, from the Center for Aesthetic Medicine of the Ricardo Palma clinic. Performing a deep facial cleansing and applying a series of masks with moisturizing, soothing and illuminating assets will also add to a faster recovery of skin tone after a long flight.

Circulation in the skin is affected during air travel by pressure variation. The face undergoes peripheral hypoxia and becomes dehydrated, the vessels collapse and dark circles are pronounced. In addition, the eyelid area becomes inflamed (people who have bags in the lower eyelid are pronounced), says Dr. José Salazar.

What to do after?

In addition to recovering sleep hours, it is advisable to apply a remineralizing mask with active ingredients of silicon, selenium, copper; and a drainage based on cucumber or chamomile. The hydrafacial is a good option, since it cleans, moisturizes and nourishes at the same time thanks to the active ingredients it uses. The mask with LED lights deflates the face and allows it to recover its freshness and freshness.

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