Tips to keep in mind when hiring trips and summer rentals

The Municipality recalls a series of recommendations for those neighbors who purchase tourist packages or rent properties for the holiday period.

With summer vacations there are a number of recommendations to consider before hiring a travel and tourism company or renting a place. For this reason, and to avoid mishaps and deceptions, the Directorate of Citizens 'Rights and Citizens' Linkage makes available to users a series of recommendations to protect the rights of travelers.

Tourism Agencies

For travel agencies to operate legally in Argentina (online or traditionally), it must be registered with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation and have a headquarters in the country. It must also provide clear and detailed information of the product it offers and comply with the obligations to which it undertakes in the contract.

In this sense, travel agencies are obliged to inform about the available options and their respective prices before the consumer decides to hire him. They must indicate all the conditions, means of payment and other expenses that the service will imply.

As for the catalog used by the agency, it must contain the conditions and characteristics of the offer, which may be required by the consumer at the time of contracting. It is important that you keep it in order to demand that your rights be fulfilled.

Once the contract is formalized, the agencies are obliged to give the user tickets or transport vouchers, accommodation vouchers, among others (known as vouchers) corresponding to the services ordered, as well as an invoice or receipt that indicates the total price paid and in which the price of each service and the surcharge for management costs, if any, are broken down.

It is essential to know that, at all times, the user can withdraw from the services of the agency with the right to reimbursement of the amounts that he had paid, but he may have to pay compensation according to what was agreed. It is suggested to request information on the costs of canceling requested and / or reserved services (hotels, excursions) in case it is necessary to suspend the trip.

Online rentals

It is recommended that all contracting be carried out through reliable means. When it comes to hiring by telephone or Internet, it is very difficult to corroborate what is offered, so it is essential to request all information in writing. Mail is an important test tool in case of inconvenience. It must be taken into account that the rental agreements carried out with a real estate company provide greater security since it can be verified in the local public bodies if they really exist.

In the case of contracting with particular referents, greater caution should be taken as regards the veracity of the identity and the services offered. It is always recommended to request a management number, and the personal data of the person who attended it. If you make your contract online, use secure pages.

Secure payment sites

When making payments, try to do it through secure and official sites, thus avoiding possible fraud. If you make a transfer, check that the name of the account holder where the payment is made matches the person with whom the talks were made.

On the other hand, ask for precise information about the facilities of the place you rent (bathrooms and kitchen, etc.) and the services that are included (water, gas and electricity, wifi). Also consult about security conditions of the property and make sure that the geographical location is the desired one. In the event that the property or service contracted does not comply with the conditions established or advertised, you can request refund of the sign according to the contracting clauses; Pay attention to them in a timely manner.

Where to go

If you believe that there was any type of abuse, you can go to the Municipal Office of Information and Protection of the User and Consumer, under the Directorate of Rights and Citizen Linking. There, you can receive advice on your rights and make a complaint if applicable. The address is Salta 2840, Monday through Friday, from 7 to 13 hours; phones: 0342-4574119 / 0800 444 0442; email:

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