There are many times that we want to get out of the routine and give ourselves a detox of everything we go through, both personally and professionally, but it is not as simple as it seems. Due to the pandemic, traveling has become one of the things we have to avoid out of love for ourselves and the people we love. Now that if you are one of those adventurous people, a road trip With the family it could be a good option to continue having fun without exposing yourself to going on a plane or with many people.

To have a road trip perfect, just a good company and a lot of desire to have fun is enough. Of course, with all the safety and hygiene measures so that a beautiful experience does not turn into something sad. Starting from that, we leave you some tips to make it an unforgettable trip sharing unique moments with the people you love or even alone. Anything goes!

sabrina 15 - Tips to have a perfect road trip Enjoy with friends!

Papers in order

It sounds like something that shouldn’t be mentioned but many people go unnoticed. Check to have all your papers such as your circulation card, verification, driver’s license and it is very important to have the insurance in order for assistance in case of any incident. In case you rent a car, there are also different permits, since most of them ask for a credit card instead of paying in cash. It is important that before organizing the trip, you prepare well.

Music for everyone

Music inspires us and always makes us feel good, so it does not have to be missed on the trip. Prepare a playlist special with music to the liking of all members of the family. In many platforms they allow you to make them collaborative so that each one adds their favorites and is simple. What tip You can guide yourself that the songs are of a genre or make several so that depending on the mood that you have, go enjoying either singing or something relaxing.

Indicated route

Another factor that always makes the difference to a normal outing. They are the routes, it is not about going without a path to follow and just letting the road take you. It depends a lot on how long you want it to be or how many drivers are on the trip since this way the load can be less heavy. It is important to know the route to avoid falling on secondary roads that are in very bad condition and that can cause accidents.

Food for the road

If you’re on the road, it may be quite a chore to find a place to park to eat. Prepare snacks for the whole journey, try to include energy bars so that drivers stay on the battery and it is very important to carry water or even serum because if it is very hot they can dehydrate. Better to be prepared in the road trip!


Here it applies to make a list before traveling, remember to bring a sleeping bag, medicines for an emergency, maps of the route to follow since the GPS can fail if there is no good signal, cell phone batteries, sunscreen, camera to remember the road trip and some changes of clothes. This is essential but remember that depending on your needs and those of your companions, it can vary and add or remove things from the list.