Tips to enjoy a safe and RESPONSIBLE trip

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Tips for a safe trip. Photo: Robb Report Mexico

Even in times of pandemic, when travel are still valid, it seems that several people are interested in immersing themselves in responsible travel, this may be possible and enjoy this experience abiding by the tips to keep you safe.

What is responsible travel?

The concept of responsible travel has changed since we entered this still very active pandemic. Before, I could have told an epic trip or a sustainable trip, that is, traveling respecting the cultural and natural environment and being able to leave things intact and respected.

However, traveling responsibly in the time of COVID-19 is more about being safer, but also about satisfying your desire to explore in quarantine for too long. So while we try to spread our wings a bit and fly, now is an opportunity to try responsible travel.

Tips for responsible travel

  • Be aware of state travel restrictions

Before embarking on your multi-state travel plans, read the current guidelines for non-residents and also those for your home state (to see if you will need to self-quarantine when you return).

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Travel safe and responsible. Photo: Blogs

  • Invest in a reusable and washable mask

Some scientists now estimate that there will soon be more masks in the ocean than jellyfish, and the elastic bands of disposable masks have been suffocating seabirds and turtles. Save the planet.

  • Take-out food, containers, disinfectants and wipes

Especially if you have planned a great road trip by motorhome, and most of the time he will keep it to himself. But when you make unplanned stops in areas that could be virus hotspots, it helps to have enough essentials in your travel kit.

Plan ahead by packing food and water, in case restaurants and stores are closed, as well as enough hand sanitizer, masks, and medications for the entire trip.

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Tips for a responsible trip. Photo: The Vanguard

  • Take Important Precautions If You Get On A Plane

If you choose to fly, call to see what percentage of the plane is booked, see what the airline's intermediate seating policy is, and clean your seat and tray. Wear a mask at all times. I also advise you to find out what the cancellation policy is. And also understand your own risk tolerance.

Flying right now is not without risk, but asking the right questions and feeling empowered to make follow-up decisions based on your comfort level is key to making the most informed decision.

Doing so is also a matter of ensuring that you and those around you when you reach your final destination remain safe and healthy. After all, you want to enter a new place knowing that you did everything you could in terms of staying protected.

  • Opt for electronic documents

What was once more sustainable and convenient now also allows fewer hands to exchange your boarding pass. So, do your best to get as much as you can on your phone, computer, whatever you have. As a bonus, it saves paper, which is also a form of responsible travel on the spot.

  • Make a plan and be patient

The times when you rush and don't stay present are likely the times when you will make careless mistakes that, in turn, could compromise your health.

Traveling today is simply different. Take enough time to do things in a considerate, detached, and masked way, and be sure to be patient with others, especially essential workers. We are all discovering this new rhythm and being nice is one of the most sustainable things out there.

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  • Holidays at home are always an option

He safer travel now is traveling from your living room.

Whatever you do and wherever you go, you should know that it is in your power to see the world without hurting yourself, or yourself. We all deserve a change of scenery; Try to leave it as pretty as it was when you arrived.

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