Tips for traveling on a cruise in Colombia

Traveling on a cruise is getting out of the routine, resting, not worrying about carrying luggage everywhere, risking knowing multiple destinations in a single trip and enjoying what the boat can offer.

Colombia is the only country in Latin America that has coasts in the Pacific Ocean and, in turn, access to the Atlantic through the Caribbean Sea. On these coasts you can find a variety of landscapes, people, culture, discoveries, adventures and cruises everywhere.

When traveling on a cruise it is advisable to bring the corresponding documentation, pack what is necessary, book the trip in advance and consider other details in advance.

4 travel tips

Documentation: Do not forget to pack your identity documents as a passport if you go to another place outside of Colombia, travel information (stops, schedules), emergency telephone numbers, credit cards and a copy of the cruise travel insurance policy.

Luggage: Before packing anything that is not necessary, it is advisable to make a list of items, clothes and medicines. In addition, the backpack should be as practical as possible.

• You have to wear clothes according to the occasion and the weather.

• Personal first aid kit with anti-inflammatories, analgesics, ointments and dizziness medications.

• Toiletries in small packages

• Camera and cell phone chargers

• Sunglasses, hat and sun cream

Electronics devices: Turn off the data of the cell phone so that they are not consumed, adjust the time and try to carry a universal adapter for plugs.

Problems: It is important to know the main problems that may arise on board a cruise ship such as: cancellation of the trip, theft, loss and damage to luggage; delay in the delivery of the suitcase, delay in departure, loss of services and dizziness.

Why travel on a cruise in Colombia?

One of the most outstanding cruises that passes through the country, is that of ‘The Antilles and South Caribbean’, which arrives in Cartagena and embarks on a fascinating journey until reaching the expected destination.

In addition, passengers can enjoy all the comforts on board such as: gastronomy in varied restaurants, shops and activities for children and adults.


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