Tips for traveling in these National Holidays

Tips for traveling with minors, pets and other tips

The national holidays are approaching. Some honor the Homeland by parading on November 3, 4 and 5 while others take advantage of free days to do external tourism.

Here are some recommendations provided by Tocumen airport to make the crossing more bearable:

Migration: Remember that before traveling you must make sure you keep all your current and handy documents, such as: passports, visas and regulations of each country. Fulfilling this you will be ready to start your trip.

Travel with minors: If you are traveling with minors remember to keep all the documentation and notarized permission of the minor (which is filled in Requirements section) or through the following link: digital_migration_ portal / views / permissions_releases.php In case you travel with the mother, dad or any other family member.

Recommendation for traveling with people with reduced mobility or older adults (Requests to Airlines of attention to PMR): If a person of legal age or with reduced mobility travels alone or in the company of their relatives, they can request the special service that is provided by the different Airlines, all this can be consulted when planning the trip.

Yellow Fever: Remember to check before buying the air ticket, if the yellow fever card is necessary to the destination you are going to (or you can also mention the countries that request as an entry requirement to keep the yellow fever card: Nicaragua, El Salvador, Bahamas, Jamaica , Bolivia, Belize).

Travel with pets: If you travel in the company of your faithful companion or pet remember to comply with all health requirements, which you can get on the website: and go to the "Procedures and Forms" section or call the phone : 512-9000

Recommendations for customs upon arrival in the country: Remember to request the declaration of customs from the crew of your flight, remembering that, by Panamanian regulations, every traveler of legal age, must have their respective form.

Recall that only 1 form is requested per family (Includes 2 parents and children under 18). Older children or any other family member will complete their own Declaration individually.

Cellphone parking: The cost of parking in Tocumen is $ 0.03 cents, or you can wait for free at the Cellphone parking, which is located on the airport boulevard with entrance from the south corridor.

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