Check these tips to travel safely when destinations reopen

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, destinations implemented various measures. That is why we give you some tips for traveling in the post-covid era.

Check the restrictions by destination

When planning your trip, check in advance what restrictions are in that country in the event of a contingency.

Although some have already reopened, they only allow the entry of international tourists from neighboring countries.

For example, the European Union only allows its citizens to visit the nations that make up the bloc as tourists.

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Or, currently some destinations only allow the entry of foreign tourists who are already vaccinated.

Travel insurance

Now, purchasing travel insurance is a necessary requirement for travelers wishing to visit certain destinations.

In addition, it is a guarantee not to lose flights, hotel reservations and money due to the pandemic.

Likewise, in case of falling ill with Covid, it covers medical expenses, transportation and even hospitalization.

COMPORTAMIENTO DEL VIAJERO - Tips for traveling in the post covid era
The traveler preferred nature tourism to eliminate stress.

Use technology

In the post-Covid era, many airports and tourist services implement technology to decrease contact between people.

Thus, you can use your cell phone to download applications and documents such as boarding passes and reduce risks.

Medical kit

Carrying medicine when traveling is always a good idea, but now with Covid, face masks are essential.

Apart from masks, you should bring enough antibacterial gel or sanitizing towels for the trip.

PCR tests and health passport

Most countries that admit international tourists require a negative PCR test to enter.

The test should not be longer than 72 or 48 hours prior to the trip and in some cases a 14-day quarantine is necessary.

The result of the Covid test and other data will be recorded in the health passport that is already in testing.

The document will facilitate the entry of tourists to the countries by concentrating the information digitally.