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Do you have three children and you don't know how to take them in the car? With the help of Fundación Mapfre we give you a series of keys.

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The law is clear, children cannot ride in the passenger seat. This makes things very difficult for parents of large families, because putting three child seats in the rear seats is complicated. Still, there are exceptions:

  • when the vehicle does not have rear seats.
  • that the rear seats are occupied by other minors.

How to take three children in the car

Fundación Mapfre has made this illustration where they explain very clearly how to place the seats when it is about more than two children.

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In this link we tell you what kind of cars are the best to carry three child seatsin the rear seats.

How to avoid children getting dizzy in the car

– Do not let children start the trip on an empty stomach, but not stuffed with food either. Ideally, they should start the trip with a light meal and avoid drinking a lot of fluids before leaving.

– Do not give them hot milk before starting the trip.

– If you are hungry during the trip, give them small sips of water and some light snack.

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– The best seats to travel are the front, because from them you can see the road ahead. If your child is not taller than 1.35 meters, he will not be able to go there, so the other option is the central square of the rear seats.

– Make sure your child keeps his eyes on the horizon. If they're looking at a DVD, book, or game, they'll probably end up getting dizzy.

– For get them distracted use the games of a lifetime: sing with them, see-see, look for cars of one color and all those that your parents used with you.

– The interior temperature of the car is important. This should be about 22 degrees. If it is very hot, the possibility of getting dizzy increases considerably.

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– If you know that your child is prone to dizziness, it is better to stop every two minutes. Take the opportunity to stretch his legs and drink a little of liquid. It is better to keep stopping than to ruin your trip.

– You may use the neck cushions and so he will go straight in the event he falls asleep.

– Consult with your pediatrician about Children's Biodramina. This medicine is very effectiveIt can be used from two years old and Biodramina chewing gums from 6. Also keep in mind that you must give it half an hour before starting the trip.

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