Saving is usually one of the New Year’s resolutions, and many times it is linked to the travel plan. But how to achieve it? We propose two lists that suggest two entities of the tourism industry. Judge for yourself which one best suits your lifestyle!

Plan your trip: Holidays for 2021

Savings purposes in 2021

Club Premier is convinced that money does not buy happiness, but “how it solves problems”, so it gave us these tips:

1. Set a goal. The All you have to do is answer the following question: what do I want to save for? The important thing is that you know the engine for which you will start saving.

2. Forget the rules. Once you have defined the goal you want to achieve, it is necessary that you allocate a percentage of your monthly income to your savings. The conditions of each person are exclusive, do not be afraid! Determine your own savings amount according to your income and obligations.

3. He who perseveres, achieves. In addition to a monthly amount, think about the frequency as well. The important thing here is to be constant and disciplined to achieve the goal that you have set for yourself.

4. Find other ways to save. There are several services with which you can save by buying. For example, Club Premier is a loyalty program with which you accumulate points for all the services or purchases you make in one of the affiliated companies.

5. Meet your payment dates. We suggest you to be punctual in the payment of your financial debts, with this you will avoid both the payment of additional interest and having accumulated debts at the cut-off date.

6. Make money work for you. It is In other words, invest it wisely in such a way that it brings you real profits.

Travel trends for 2021

For the trip of your dreams

According to the Despegar travel agency, achieving travel in 2021 will be more feasible following these points:

Set aside a budget and the periodicity. Starting with a clear goal inspires you to reach your goal. You can start by setting aside small amounts on a daily basis, so that the practice can be automated and the process does not become tedious. An alternative is the payment in months without interest, with which you can choose your trip and secure it with the financing options.

Choose your goal trip. Knowing what place you want to visit will help you define the necessary budget and you will be able to quote in advance your flight, accommodation and extra expenses that you may need depending on the destination you visit.

Avoid unnecessary expenses. By making small adjustments in your budget, you can allocate a part to pay in months without interest and to feed the funds for the date of the trip.

Lower travel costs. By choosing your flight and accommodation in advance, you can find the best options in price and flexible reservations. In addition, it is recommended that when preparing your suitcase, you organize yourself well so that you do not forget what you need, so you will avoid buying something extra. Remember to also travel light to avoid additional charges for extra luggage.

Download applications and activate alerts. A great opportunity to catch offers in tourist services is to download mobile apps to constantly monitor the opportunities and promotions that may arise. Alerts notify you when there are flights that suit your budget and destination. In addition, there are offers that are only offered through this channel.

Commandments to travel in 2021

Here’s what travelers will be looking for in 2021

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