Both for those who are preparing a getaway through our country and those who think of one of the so-called ‘revenge trips’ – those long-haul or higher-cost trips that are planned because they have not been able to travel for a long time-, of recommendations for cheap travel in times of pandemic. The cheap travel website has collected 5 tips that will help us make our next trip round:

  1. Compare PCR prices online

The cost of antigen testing and PCR is one of the most controversial issues due to the additional cost for our trip. To save on this new ‘extra’, it is recommended to spend time comparing different laboratories and take into account those existing at airports, in addition to the limitations of the Autonomous Communities. Some, like the Balearic Islands, have set prices of € 75 for PCR and € 30 for antigen testing.

  1. Check airline baggage policies

Since March 2020 many things have changed, such as the baggage policy when flying. To avoid having to pay supplements at the airport, remember to be aware of what you can and not get on board. With Ryanair you need to have the Priority rate to carry your hand luggage and Vueling allows you to check it in for free, although it does charge it if we take it with us in the cabin.

  1. Try to be flexible with the dates

The hoteliers agree that this year the season will extend beyond August. There are destinations such as the Canary Islands, Malta, Greece or Turkey that maintain good weather also in the months of September and October, where accommodation is much cheaper. Postponing the holidays to these months will allow us to save and enjoy the destinations without overcrowding.

  1. Do not rent a car at the airport

There are so many fees, deposits and conditions associated with renting a car while on vacation, it can be difficult to calculate how much it will actually cost. If you pick up your rental car at the airport, in some cases you can pay up to 20% more for it. Consider if you can get to the city cheaply using public transport and pick up the car at one of the offices.

  1. Book in advance

Since the offer of accommodation will be less this year and some airlines still maintain their flight promotions at zero cost, booking our vacations with free cancellation and in advance will be the best way to avoid surprises when the departure date approaches.