Tips for safe travel during long holidays

New Crown Popular Science Series Seven-Tips for Safe Traveling During Long Holidays

The "Mid-Autumn National Day" holiday is approaching, I believe many friends are already eager to try it! How did you arrange this special holiday this year? Although the current domestic epidemic prevention and control has become normal, risks still exist, and "safety" is still the top priority for travel.

1. Before you travel


Strategy preparation

Understand the risk level of the destination epidemic and the local epidemic prevention policy. There are still many scenic spots that restrict the flow of people, so reasonable travel plans should be made to avoid places with too many people.


Item preparation

In addition to some travel items that will be carried in the past, it is recommended to prepare:

①Clinical thermometer: monitor your health regularly.

②Protective products: masks, portable disinfection paper towels, gloves, disinfectant. The disinfectant is recommended to be non-alcoholic.


Personal health

Pay attention to your personal health before traveling, and make sure that the health code is green before traveling. People with fever, dry cough, etc. should cancel their trips; people with chronic diseases and weakened immune systems are advised to reduce travel.

- Tips for safe travel during long holidays

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