Tips for renting a car during this bridge

The autumn dressed landscape invites you to make a getaway during this bridge. With the arrival of Friday, All Saints Day and national holiday, we welcome the penultimate month of the year. And what better way to do it by taking the car to go somewhere where we can relax and disconnect from the routine.

The car has become one of the most popular options when making short breaks. However, there are more and more ways to travel without using your own vehicle. Bet on him rental It can be a much more comfortable and sometimes economical option.

However, before embarking on the adventure it is important to make a good forecast and organization of the trip. These are some tips They can help you when renting a vehicle.

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(Betting on the rental can be a much more comfortable and, sometimes, economical option
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1. Book in advance

When we want to rent a car it is always advisable, if possible, to book in advance to ensure the best price. In this way, we will not only find lower prices but also a greater variety of vehicles available.

2. Thorough search

The first step to follow is to do a thorough investigation of everything that rental companies offer us. To ensure that we choose the offer that interests us, it is advisable to use comparison websites of these companies, in order to choose the type of vehicle that interests us and inform us if there is any discount. Do not forget to read the fine print well before hiring the service.

3. Book directly on the company's website

It is the most comfortable and reliable way to do it, in addition customers can access exclusive offers and promotions.

4. New applications

People's interest in this type of services has increased greatly in recent times, so the number of platforms that offer this type of mobility has also increased. Applications like Drivy or SocialCar are responsible for renting private vehicles and are the best option to travel in high season. Another of the most revolutionary options is Driiveme, a vehicle rental system (whether compact, campers, vans …) in which all its journeys cost 1 euro.

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It is advisable to opt for a 'full-full' fuel policy
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5. Avoid the “full-empty” policy

Some companies allow you to return the car with an empty tank, and although at first glance it sounds great, in the end it ends up hurting us since this implies that they decide the price of fuel. So it is advisable to opt for a “full-full” fuel policy, in which you return the tank just like when you picked it up and in the end it may end up coming out better.

6. Beware of extra insurance

Securing the car can avoid many scares, and save us money. However, before continuing with the rental, we must ensure that we know specifically what insurance it includes, whether or not it has a franchise (and how much) and what its exceptions are. There is also the option of contracting external insurance, which in some companies offers the option of doing so for days and even for hours, or there are also companies that include the insurance of a vehicle in your life policy.

7. Pay attention to the date and time

Better to prevent than cure and is that some companies take advantage of the delays of delivery of the vehicle to charge you overtime, so it will be better to book some time more than we anticipated. If at the end of the reservation you want to make a change, look at the total price that is sometimes recalculated and can be more expensive.

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Car insurance can avoid many scares, and save us money
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8. Before starting the trip

Once you have your car and you decide to start the trip, it is important that you review the terms and conditions of the contract, verify that the documentation is correct and that, if you see any damage you take a photo so that later Don't blame yourself.

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