There are not a few people who decide to go on vacation on their bicycle. And using this means of transport can bring unforgettable sensations, although to fully enjoy it it is necessary to take into account some issues before embarking on the trip.

Physical condition: Taking a bike trip doesn’t have to involve high speeds, or many kilometers pedaled in marathon stages. They are vacations, and what it is about is to enjoy. Therefore, in this sense, it can be said that using the bike is a low-impact exercise and anyone with health, a certain physical condition and determination can travel distances that would otherwise be impossible. The key is to measure your physical condition, not to attempt feats and to take the time necessary to cover the kilometers that are planned.

The bicycle for the trip: It is not essential to have an expensive or special bicycle for cycling, but it will be easier and more useful to use one that has gears. The seat is also very important, which must be comfortable since you will spend hours on it. And it is good to put some handlebar extensions to be able to have a change in the position of the hands.

Prepare the route and the trip: as far as logistics is concerned, the trip must be prepared in advance. It will never hurt to check routes and maps to know the paths and the right places to spend the night. It is also important to report frequently with a family member or friend, and to record your journey on social networks.

On the other hand, there is no need to bring any equipment or excess clothing. And it will be important to dress in layers so that, as you feel warm, you take off clothes. For this reason, it is not necessary to wear so many clothes, but to know how to combine the different layers.

The essential: Do not forget to bring essential things, such as cameras; patches; tweezers; helmet; lenses; gloves; brightly colored clothing; waterproof; rear and front lights; rear-view mirror; sufficient water; sunscreen; a first aid kit; and personal hygiene items. In addition, depending on where you plan to spend the night, a tent, a mat (there are very light and different costs) and a sleeping bag are also recommended.

Food during the trip: Keep in mind that you must have the energy necessary for the trip and, also, take great care of your health, since any stomach infection can wreak serious damage on the trip. The most important thing is to always be well hydrated. And breakfast will be very important to start the day on the bike, but trying not to be too heavy so that it does not affect your performance on the pedals.