It is obviously difficult to plan to travel, the rules on this subject constantly changing. However, whether it’s a return home to see the family or a vacation plan, unusual or not, it’s good to think about it. And since the train is greener than the plane, you might as well prefer it, right?

When to book to take advantage of the best rate?

Some travel professionals have conducted studies on this eternal question that haunts the minds of travelers. Omio shared their results with us.

First, avoid booking at the last minute. A ticket is sold on average 41% more expensive the day before departure. Conversely, a ticket is 41% cheaper if it is booked a month in advance. Purchased a week in advance, it remains 18% cheaper than the average price.

Tips to benefit from the best rates

Again, booking your tickets in advance is the safest and statistically most economical solution. The SNCF usually puts its tickets on sale three months before departure, which is when the prices are the most attractive.

If you haven’t been able to follow the previous rule, booking at the very last minute can be worthwhile. Although risky, buying a ticket at the last minute can be a pleasant surprise, as rail companies sometimes offer low fares to fill empty seats on their trains.

Favor your trips outside of busy days and hours. A mid-week midday train will always be cheaper than Friday afternoon or Sunday evening.

Also think about reduction cards that allow you to take advantage of advantageous rates. It is often and wrongly thought that they are reserved for frequent travelers when they are sometimes written off in just a few trips.

Opt for slower trains, which are often cheaper than TGVs. And if you are on vacation, it will allow you to fully enjoy the scenery! Longer journeys or overnight journeys are usually cheaper than ordinary journeys.

Finally, use Omio to compare the different offers available and find the best on the market!