Tips for efficient and safe driving: the check list that you cannot miss before going out on the road


In search of optimizing the use of trucks, Volvo Trucks Argentina offers drivers a series of tips that, in addition to virtual training, aim to contribute to a more efficient and safe handling.

The company, which already offers vehicles with the most standard safety equipment on the market, a wide range of configurations focused on fuel saving, and services dedicated to guaranteeing the highest availability of the units, through their driving instructors, share the following tips.

Tips from Volvo

First, it recommends performing a correct check list before leaving the route to avoid as many stops and unforeseen events as possible during the trip:

  • Check accessible fluid levels.
  • Check tires and the correct operation of lights and electrical and pneumatic connections, both on the tractor and on the semi-trailer.
  • Check that the load is properly secured and that there are no signs of humidity in the air tanks.
  • Check that there are no loose objects inside the cabin, the load and location of the fire extinguisher and adjust the steering column, mirrors and seat.

They also highlight the importance of:

  • Check the correct tire pressure and alignment, thus avoiding unnecessary fuel consumption and increasing the life of the tires, the stability of the truck and driving comfort. "If this point is not taken into account, fuel consumption can increase up to 15%" explains Sergio Nogués, Volvo Driving Instructor.
  • How to correctly use the air suspension with 4 lungs per axle that all trucks of the F line of route have and that guarantees greater safety, economy, stability and care of the load and also provides excellent handling and operating comfort.
  • Use the different functions and programs of the automated I-Shift gearbox, which among other benefits allow a very significant reduction in fuel consumption, optimizes driving and average speeds, and prolongs the useful life of the powertrain components.
  • How to use the engine and trailer brake control, which, as they are integrated in the same lever, can be activated without the driver having to take their hands off the steering wheel, ensuring safe driving conditions. Proper use allows savings in unit maintenance (less wear on brake pads and discs, and clutch disc) and does not increase fuel consumption.

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