Tips for avoiding and treating flea bites

Fleas are among the worst enemies of travelers. When going on vacation, it is important to protect yourself from them and take something to treat them with. To prevent you from ruining your next vacation with a tiny bug, liligo shares its tips for avoiding and treating flea bites with you.

Tip number 1: keep fleas away

The first step is to avoid getting bitten by fleas. For this, try to select only perfectly clean accommodation, with impeccable bedding and cleaned regularly. Fleas love dirty laundry, so repeat laundry will be your best bet!
If you notice that fleas are present in your vacation spot, opt for preventive treatment: cleaning the accommodation and bedding as well as the application of a flea repellent on your skin and on your clothes. There are ready-to-use repellents, but for something more natural, simply mix a little vegetable oil with a drop or two of lavender, cedar or eucalyptus essential oil.

Tip # 2: Treat Your Animals

If you are dealing with fleas, it is probably because your dog or cat has them. Before even cleaning the house, consider treating your pet against fleas by applying a pest control product in the form of a pipette, a collar or even a shampoo. These products, which can be easily found in veterinary clinics, have already proven their effectiveness and make it possible to permanently get rid of fleas, provided that the treatment is regularly renewed.

Tip # 3: Treat Your Flea Bites

In humans, flea bites can be recognized by the multiple red spots they cause on the skin, often on the legs and ankles. They are very itchy and can become over-infected if not treated in time.

If you are a victim of flea bites during your trip, remember to clean the wounds with an antiseptic product regularly to avoid any risk of bacterial infection. To limit itching that can really spoil your stay, bring in your luggage an anti-itch product or a homemade concoction made from lemon juice, vinegar and / or essential oil of geranium or grapeseed.

What about sand fleas?

Are you going to travel to Panama or Cuba soon? Watch out for sand fleas that could make your adventure less enjoyable! The latter are difficult to detect but cause extensive damage to the legs. Luckily, there's a really simple trick: brush your feet, ankles, and legs with coconut oil. The smell of this oil repels sand fleas. And if it's already too late and you want to ease the itchiness, the ready-made or homemade anti-sting concoctions mentioned earlier in this article may give you relief.

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