For a calm and safe journey, the car should be well equipped to transport a newborn baby. A pram or carrycot is the ideal equipment for a comfortable journey. How to install it in a car to put the baby at ease? The details.

What is a pram?

The pram is a stroller in which a newborn baby is installed. The carrycot is a fully detachable part of the pram. It is a real mini-bed that allows the baby to be transported without waking him up. There are two kinds of carrycots: the traditional carrycot, intended to be installed only on the pram, and the safety carrycot which can be attached to the back of a car. The carrycot is a kind of rigid bunk used for babies up to their 7th month. It is recommended for long journeys, because it adapts perfectly to the morphology of a newborn baby.

More precisely, a carrycot is a spacious bed for the little one. Its rigid bottom decorated with a thick cushion, preserves its musculature, its neck and its vertebrae. The safety pod is also equipped with a cape to protect it from sun rays or wind.

What advantages does a safety basket offer?

The carrycot is ideal for parents who are on the move a lot. Indeed, thanks to the carrycot, the baby remains in a lying position. He can stay and sleep there even if the journey is long and tiring. Upon arrival, parents will only have to take the carrycot without having to interrupt the baby’s sleep. In addition, a baby’s muscles and bones do not yet support its weight, especially during its first 6 months. Laying him down on his back is the best alternative to avoid bad postures. This is why opting for a travel pram is recommended for car journeys. Another advantage is that the safety carrycot adapts to different models of strollers.

Car carrycot or car seat?

This subject is the subject of much debate. Between the car seat, putting the baby in a semi-seated position, and the pram carrycot which allows him to lie down, which one to choose? The car seat offers maximum protection in the event of an accident. The child is placed back to the road, which is not the case with the carrycot. The use of this equipment is moreover prohibited in several countries and in particular in the Nordic countries. The level of safety of car platforms is limited. It is not suitable for rough traffic and can tip over during hard braking, for example. On the other hand, a car seat has been shown to interfere with baby’s breathing and flex his neck due to the sitting position he adopts. The final choice is up to the parents.

How to install a carrycot in a car?

The car carrycot must be placed transversely on the rear seat of the car. To ensure the safety of the baby, it is required to secure it with a three-point seat belt. To do this, it is essential to obtain a car kit for the carrycot. This accessory is essential for the platform to be approved and therefore usable. Baby’s safety is also reinforced by a harness attached to the carrycot. Note that the baby’s head must be located opposite the door.

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