Indeed, there is so much to see in this country between islands, Mediterranean Sea, sunny pages and various historical monuments and ancient sites, enough to spend an idyllic vacation!

In addition, Greece is accessible to all the world as well with family as solo, with activities to spend an unforgettable stay. When you decide to go to Greece, organization is essential.

Why visit Greece?

Greece is a country located in south-eastern Europe. It is a very large territory with a fifth made up of a thousand islands. In addition, this cradle of western civilization has a history to which the various historical monuments inot to be missed, but also a prestigious past. Tourists are seduced by its Mediterranean climate but also its many beaches which are very popular with fans of idleness with in addition the possibility of discovering tasty specialties from the country.

Clearly, Greece has so much to offer its visitors looking for of emotions and discoveries, with its exceptional culture and promising encounters with its civilization, not to mention the very warm side of its inhabitants.

Places to visit in Greece in 2021

For the preparation of a voucher trip to Greece in 2021, some destinations are worth a visit for a vacation that promises to be memorable and perfect.

Among these places to see:

  • Ridge that sits on the border of Europe, Asia and Africa. It is the largest of the islands in this country;
  • Rhodes which is located between the Turkish coasts and Karpathos. It is also the largest island in the Dodecanese;
  • Corfu and its Ionian islands watch over the west side of the country;
  • Peloponnese which is located in the south of mainland Greece with its landscapes between seas and mountains;
  • The Meteora monasteries located in the heart of the Thessaly plain not far from the town of Kalam Baka.

That said, you should know that the Greek islands are very well connected to be able to visit several places during stays in this country and during the same trip. Indeed, the destinations in Greece are promising with Athens the unmissable, Santorini and its magical setting, Milos known for its rocky landscapes and its volcanic beach but also Naxos, Amorgos and Tinos and many others.

Best time to go to Greece

In Greece, the Mediterranean climate has the specificity of being hot and dry in summer, and the presence of rain in winter, but this season remains mild. In addition, the islands and coasts are well cooled by sea winds in summer making the heat bearable. Thus, to visit this beautiful country, spring remains one of the most pleasant seasons with an average temperature around

25 ° C and that from the month of May.

However, travelers who are more keen on swimming and the sea, we advise them to choose the month of September or October to fully enjoy the water at the ideal temperature! Even winter in Greece is favorable for travel since this country has a special charm during this season, with the possibility of indulging in the pleasures of skiing, hiking and enjoying nature. Thus, the months of December, January but also February are favorable.

Travelers going to Greece will be marked with the various oriental influences and Turkish cuisine of this country. Indeed, it is distinguished by very subtle flavors and dishes based on olive oil. It is important not to miss the gastronomic specialties from this country :

  • Moussaka is a typical dish of the country. It is cooked with eggplant and minced meat covered with a béchamel sauce;
  • Greek salad is an essential starter made with cucumber tomatoes but also green peppers, seasoned with olive oil;
  • The feta is a cheese that can be eaten in salads but also fried or accompanied by honey;
  • The galaktoboureko is a traditional dessert of this country. It is filled with the tastiest pastry cream and it is made with semolina;
  • Souvlaki is another Greek specialty made from beef that is cut into pieces and grilled on skewers.