The health pass, which certifies that you are well vaccinated against Covid-19 or that you are not sick, will become more and more compulsory in the coming weeks. This document will need to be presented to enter many places and although you can print it out to provide a paper version, it is more convenient to use your smartphone for this.

The official solution is to use the TousAntiCovid app, which is now also used to store the health pass and can display it on demand. This is not the fastest nor the most practical way, however, so that other solutions quickly appeared, in particular to add the pass to the Wallet app. This time, access is quick and easy, since it is enough to click twice on the side button, but anyone can then display it by default, which is not safe.

We offer you a third option which is both extremely fast and secure: a shortcut. Once added to your home screen, you will have access to the health pass to present in a single tap, without compromising its security, since it is stored on the iPhone, does not depend on any third-party app and requires having unlocked the device.