Sleeping while traveling is never an easy task. However, a user on TikTok gave an unstoppable tip in this direction …

Whether it’s the plane, the TGV or the bus, sleeping in transport rhymes with galley. Indeed, evidenced by the many travelers who cannot sleep on board. If some are a heavy sleeper, poor posture can quickly lead to stiff necks. To protect you from all this, a user on TikTok reveals THE solution. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Sleep soundly while traveling is possible

Who hasn’t wanted a portable pillow? We didn’t have to wait for TikTok to arrive to find out these unusual little objects that we place in his neck.

You may already have one by the way, and you just can’t do without it. Plump as it should, it then allows you to fall asleep.

Finally, this is the primary goal. However, many people do not find it very satisfying.

It is never easy to sleep sitting on a seate bus, train or plane. Even with such a cushion in his possession.

Nights during journeys are the most trying, including for seasoned travelers who are used to rough sleeping.

Never mind ! A TikToker gave his infallible trick to get to sleep on your next trips.

The latter was then interested with the famous cushion about which we spoke to you above. If it doesn’t help you get proper rest, that’s fine because you’ve been using it badly from the start!

One more object whose use is not optimized in short. We can say that with these tips in mind, you will never make the mistake again.

Better, you will spend a night, admittedly short, but much more restorative than the previous ones. It may save you from a painful stiff neck …

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Travel: this TikTok tip will help you sleep better while traveling

TikTok is full of tips of all kinds for amateur cooks but also confirmed travelers as neophytes. And that is to our credit.

If you are in panic as to how you will find sleep, this tip will reassure you. If of course you follow it to the letter!

A certain Sidney Raz made it clear on the Chinese platform you were using badly your travel pillow. This, in a video that had its little success.

This TikTok tip might not guarantee you the best night of your life, but un much better support of your head when you nose down.

In contrast to the very common idea, do not put the rigid part against your neck. This one must go in front of you.

A tip that we would have liked to know before, we who were wrong all this time!

This little life hack has met a great success on the user side. It is clear that Sydney Raz is not at his first attempt.

This one delivers a lot of cunning tricks of everyday life. Tips that he would also have liked to be delivered to him before turning 30