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Colombians pay attention to everything when planning their trips, make comparisons, investigate prices and possibilities over and over again before selecting which is their best option. And it is that after a long period at home, scheduling the next vacation should be a task to which time is dedicated to achieve the dream trip without incurring large investments.

There are many reasons why Colombians decide to travel after a long confinement, be it to reconnect with their loved ones, relax, discover an unexplored destination, visit friends or learn something new. The only sure thing is that they all have a common goal: "make it an unforgettable trip."

Most of the time, the success of trips depends on the organization and clarity of them, rather than on the destination that is chosen. In every corner of the country there is always something new to know.

There are three fundamental aspects to having an unbeatable trip with a fair budget, regardless of the destination. Identifying the trip you want to have and the budget assigned, planning in advance and filtering the information, are some of the tips to achieve a dream trip.


Confirming the budget you have for the next trip is a primary step. Although traveling with an unlimited budget is the dream of many people, it is not always the reality of most, although it is not a limitation to achieve an unforgettable trip. According to a study by Booking, 76% of Colombian travelers make a budget before traveling to measure their expenses, which will increase the probability of success during the holidays.

With the knowledge that 52% of Colombians prefer to stay in an accommodation such as a house or apartment because it allows them to feel that they got the best price-quality ratio, the recommendation is to be certain of the value that is had for each activity and thus achieve get the best for the desired price. Why spend time on plans that are not consistent with what you have.

Planning makes the difference

The first thing is to identify what type of trip you want to make, be clear who you are traveling with, how many days you would like to be, what activities you would like to do and what places you want to visit. If you know for sure what each traveler expects from their experience, it will be easier to achieve a dream trip.

Given the current health situation, it is suggested that travelers select accommodations with the flexible booking option, that is, that in the event of any novelty that arises, the accommodation offers cancellation policies that can be adjusted more easily to the new plans.

For nature lovers, the option of traveling by road is undoubtedly the best, in addition to conserving social distancing, you can greatly enjoy the Colombian landscapes. For these travelers it is recommended to buy their favorite food and thus avoid unnecessary stops.

But if what you want is a plane trip, it is advisable to check the frequency of the flights to choose the one indicated and thus not lose time for fun, it is also important to check what the luggage limit is allowed before flying and, if necessary , carry whatever weighs the most in your carry-on bag.

The ease of filters

It is important to use the filters offered by the platforms in order to find the accommodation that best suits the characteristics identified in the first step.

Once the necessary filters have been selected, travelers are advised to read the comments of tourists, to ensure that it is the experience they are looking for to achieve the dream trip.

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