The summer holidays are approaching, the reopening will begin gradually and the vaccination campaign is progressing. So many factors that can allow some to plan for summer vacation, and why not think of travel in France or abroad.

In spite of everything, caution remains in order. In France, like many other countries, the levels of daily contamination with the new coronavirus remain at this stage high, as do hospitalizations. More than 26,000 new cases were identified nationwide on Thursday, April 29.

Despite this, the implementation of a health pass, particularly at the European level, could make it possible to cross the borders of other countriesusing, for example, proof of vaccination, a negative result in a PCR test or recent contamination. Some precautions should be taken before departure.

1. Check the health situation of the country

For some countries, a departure seems, for the time being, compromised. Faced with a third violent wave, Turkey has just started its first strict confinement, with in particular a ban on movement between regions. This should normally end on May 17, which will allow a better assessment of the effect of the measures.

Hit hard by the arrival of variants, India and Brazil are struggling in the fight against the epidemic. In general, contaminations are on the rise again in Southeast Asia, and especially in Thailand or Indonesia.

2. Monitor changes in restrictions

As a consequence of an epidemic that is difficult to predict, health measures, from confinements to curfews, may need to change between the time of booking and departure.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, Google has for example set up a service that will allow you to be notified by email of all legislative developments in your travel destination.

3. Opt for exchangeable or cancellable reservations

Best solution to fight against uncertainty: avoid commitments that cannot be reversed. The majority of online vacation booking sites offer a refund option in some cases. “In this uncertain period, we advise you to book an option with free cancellation”, notes for example Booking.

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