this very popular app continues to scam users

A virtual keyboard for Android smartphones creates millions of fraudulent purchases without the users' knowledge. Removed by Google, the application Ai.type continues to trap millions of people. It is advisable to check your smartphone and bank statement to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Ai.type, a application widespread mobile that adds a keyboard virtual customizable, was caught in the bag, making purchases without the knowledge of users. The case was detected by the security editor Upstream, via its Secure-D platform that works in partnership with some mobile operators.

Ai.type contains hidden advertisements, as well as a system that generates clicks without the knowledge of the user. Not only does this slow down the device and reduce its autonomy, but the app enrolls users to premium services without their consent, generating millions of euros in additional fees. On the networks it protects, Upstream has blocked more than 14 million suspicious transactions, for a total of $ 18 million, from 110,000 different devices around the world.

An application already pointed in the past

The application has been downloaded more than 40 million times. Even if Google removed the application of the Play store in June 2019, she remains present on many devices. It is also always available on the App blind at Apple, as well as some app stores Android third. Upstream recommends checking your smartphone and monitoring your bank statements.

This is not the first time the Ai.type application has been pinned for problematic behavior. In 2017, due to insufficient security, data from 31 million users leaked online. By 2011, the application had been singled out because its predictive keystroke was working by sending all data entered by users to servers from the publisher, without the slightest encryption.

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