When we connect the special series and others one-off, it must end up being difficult to find inspiration. Here is the result: this very special example of the Rolls-Royce Wraith is dedicated to… everything. Perhaps also to the designers of the livery of the glorious Honda F1 of 2007, whose work is finally recognized for its true value.

Commissioned by Rolls-Royce Abu Dhabi, the Wraith “Inspired by Earth” draws its references from “ the entire solar system. But still especially in the Middle East, since there is a satellite view of the Arabian Peninsula both on the huge hood and on the dashboard insert on the passenger side.

" We're used to our customers having unusual requirements for their custom orders, but this has given us a whole new perspective., says Michael Bryden, chief designer of the brand's Bespoke department. In our response to the brief, we worked both at the 'macro' level, referring to the Sun and planets throughout the solar system, and at a much more personal 'micro' level, focusing our perception of the world on the place where the customer considers himself at home. "

The hood itself took over a hundred hours of work. Around this geographic pattern, the entire body is a royal blue, representing 75% of the Earth's surface covered by water. To find the rest of the solar system, you have to look at the front fender, at the foot of the windshield pillar, where the emerald green hemline incorporates a discreet graphic representing the eight planets of the solar system – Pluto, we miss you – and the Moon.

The leather of the upholstery evokes " the sand of the Emirati deserts. "The Wraith is also entitled to embroidered clouds between the rear seats, and a specific ceiling light where the usual starry sky with LEDs, Rolls specialty, is this time centered on a representation of the solar system. The planets can also be found on the welcome graphic of the multimedia screen.

The price of this unique car in the world? Astronomical, of course.