This unique Lexus LFA is for sale with only 800 km on the odometer –

Although already extremely rare, this Lexus LFA is even more so. The reason ? His paint which has never been used on another copy.

There are only 500 Lexus LFAs. But this copy is even rarer than the others: it is unique! Suffice to say that the most seasoned collectors will certainly want to add this Japanese supercar to their collection. What sets this LFA apart from the rest is its “Brown Stone” paint, which is actually a unique shade. This dark shade of brown shines in a special way. Sounds pretty amazing since this shade of brown isn't the most appealing color, but it has to be admitted that it strengthens the line of the LFA.

The look is completed by 20 inch forged wheels with red brake calipers and carbon ceramic discs. Inside, beige leather upholstery covers the seats, center console, dashboard and handles on the steering wheel. Also inside is a host of aluminum parts and carbon fiber accents, as well as aa plate between the seats confirming that the car is number 225 of the 500 produced. Other notable interior features include brown stitching and metallic accents.

Exclusive rate also

This Lexus LFA is certainly on sale at full price, although no value has yet been communicated. But one thing is certain, for that price, you have a true piece of goldsmith's work as a heart. Namely an atmospheric 4.8 liter V10 which was developed in collaboration with Yamaha.

This engine develops 552 horsepower and 480 Nm of torque, all in a howl worthy of a Formula 1. Finally, an old F1! It is widely considered to be one of the loudest (and funniest) engines ever to be fitted to a road car.

This LFA is on sale at Marshall Goldman in Cleveland. Its price is still unknown, but what we do know is that this legendary supercar has only 816 km on the clock… Enough to make him exceed $ 500,000.

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