Compared to other mobiles of its generation, the Nokia 3310 did not necessarily stand out in terms of functionality. Nevertheless, this one is known for its very important autonomy, as well as for its robustness. As many former Nokia 3310 users can attest: it does not break easily.

Also, when the Nokia brand made its comeback in the mobile market thanks to the HMD company, it bet on a modernized version of the Nokia 3310 (a basic phone, with a similar design, but which connects to internet) to create a buzz. And soon, HMD will launch a new smartphone taking the spirit of the 3310: a smartphone made to last!

On Twitter, HMD (via the Nokia Mobile account) has just released a teaser for a smartphone that it will launch on July 27. And in this teaser, the company announces: “With the all-new Nokia you will never need a cover again. “ It seems that the company is about to launch an ultra-resistant smartphone.

At this time, HMD does not provide further details. However, according to an article published by Android Authority, it could well be the Nokia XR20. This model would be an ultra-resistant version of the Nokia X20, a model that HMD unveiled in April.

The Nokia X20 has a Snapdragon 480 chip, 5G connectivity, a 6.67-inch Full HD + display, and a set of 4 sensors on the back, including a 64-megapixel main sensor. It is possible that the Nokia XR20, if launched, will have similar specifications.

This year, Nokia should be talking about it again

In 2020, the Nokia brand has been very low-key. But this year, it should again be talked about. Indeed, rumors suggest that HMD is also planning to launch a new premium smartphone for Nokia fans.

As a reminder, the last time HMD launched a Nokia smartphone for the premium segment was in 2019. It was the Nokia 9 Pureview which, despite an interesting technical sheet, did not seduce the crowds.