Learning to read the posture of people’s legs is very useful and can save us a bad time with someone who does not like us

Learning to read body language, even the posture of people’s legs, is very useful in our lives, it goes from avoiding a bad time with someone who does not like us, acting in time when we identify that someone likes us, avoiding liars, troublemakers, even the dramatic case of saving our lives by realizing someone’s bad intentions towards us.

To achieve an effective reading we have to look at the four codes communication of a person, which are speech code, vocal code, body code and facial code. It is an extensive list of aspects to observe, but this time we will explain the leg code.

The language of the legs is important because they represent the part that supports us, and they reveal a lot about the personality of a person, we can read if he is sincere, confident, nervous, dominant, insecure, outgoing, liar, etc.

Confident men’s legs

When a person is sitting and has the plegs apart, or together and glued at the knees indicates openness, comfort and self-confidence, another variant that indicates the same characteristics is to cross the legs by knee over the other directly. When the feet are planted on the floor and are directed at the person with whom they are having a conversation and the knees are together, it is a sign of openness, sincerity and attention.

Liars legs

Liars tend to cross a leg over his knee While talking, they may also flap their feet in the air impatiently and usually their toes point in a different direction from the person they are addressing.

Independent legs

People who tend to be more rebels or liberals they sit with one leg under the other, as a show of disinterest in what other people might think about her. They are generally free-spirited people (although it sounds romantic) with traits of informality.

Dominant legs

When a person sits with the Stretched legs towards the front, whether they are crossed or not, they are a way of showing their dominance, they literally take up more space and they like that, they tend to be people who like to intimidate with their attitudes and are noted for their egocentricity.

Legs of those who don’t want to be there

When you talk to a person who is facing you from the waist up, but the lower part of their body is looking elsewhere, it is a clear example that that person does not care at all what you are saying and only wait for the moment to be able to flee from there. It may be that only your feet are heading in another direction, that indicates the same, you feel uncomfortable there. When your feet tap the floor or people slap their thighs, they are a sign that they are waiting for you to shut up before they can leave.

Those who stand on one leg

It may be that you have some Physical problem For which they must support themselves only on one leg, it may even be just a habit, however this posture makes people disperse their attention, since the posture transmits some discomfort to them and they may wonder if you feel good.

Finally, it should be remembered that determine personalities and attitudes of people with the observation of their legs, requires time, since we can all adopt some of the aforementioned positions at some time, however, we must pay attention to the most recurrent positions that a person adopts when sitting or standing.