This Road McLaren P1 GTR Worth 4 Million Dollars –

The mechanics of Lanzante have managed to approve for the road this McLaren P1 GTR. It is now on sale at nearly $ 4 million.

Yes, the McLaren P1 GTR can ride on the road. Of course, this requires some adaptation work. A copy has also passed through the workshops of the tuner Lanzante to convert to a road use. It is now on sale by McLaren London.

McLaren only built 58 copies of the P1 GTR reserved for the track, but some of them have been modified to be homologated on the road. This P1 GTR black and red carries the chassis number 18 and it is the 28th model of this kind to go through the workshops of Lanzante.

His heart is a V8 biturbo of 3.8 liters, associated with an electric motor. Compared to the ordinary P1 of 903 hp, the P1 GTR develops 986 horses. This makes it a true spaceship capable of reaching 100 km / h in less than 2.8 seconds before capping at 362 km / h.

From the track to the street

In order to comply with the regulations, a number of changes had to be made. These include theinstalling a parking brake, catalytic converters, approved tires for the road and a little enhancement.

With only 288 km on the clock, it's no wonder this model for sale at McLaren London is displayed at $ 3,853,680, about three times the price of an original P1 on the second-hand market.

If you are a fan of the P1 and you have nearly $ 4 million to spend, this vehicle is certainly the investment of the year!

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