This new supercar claims to be able to humiliate all Bugattis –

This new 5122 horsepower Bulgarian supercar has enough to make every car on the planet ridiculous. But there is a small catch …

A 5,000 horsepower supercar? It already exists: the Dubai Devel Sixteen indeed claims a maximum power of this order, which is five times that of a Ferrari SF90 (or more than three times that of a Bugatti Chiron). But for now, this is only a fanciful promise from the communicators of this brand which has never sold a single car.

And on the side of projects with delusional claims, it will now be necessary to count on the Bulgarians of Alieno. This new brand has indeed just presented the Arcanum, an electric supercar whose style is reminiscent of certain extreme Lamborghinis. Maximum power advertised: 5,122 horsepower!


Alieno specifies that the Arcanum has a total of 24 electric motors, 8,880 Nm of torque, will be able to travel more than 1,000 kilometers on a single charge and be fully recharged in just four minutes. The car will also reach a top speed of 487 km / h, just 3 km / h slower than the record-breaking Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+. It will also cost much less than the latter: only 1.5 million euros. But before signing the order form, wait a bit to verify that this is not another big scam. Among small car manufacturers with ephemeral existence, this is commonplace.

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