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Cars in Lego are nice for killing a rainy afternoon, but at Rolls-Royce, they need more. This miniature Cullinan is perhaps the most detailed reproduction in history. Made up of more than a thousand tiny parts, it requires 450 hours of assembly (by hand, it goes without saying). Or more than half the time required to assemble a true Cullinan, even if the line is eight times smaller.

The price ? Probably indecent. It has not been formalized and will inevitably vary depending on the choice of customization, as on the life-size Cullinan. We can count on 30 or 40,000 €, which is already more than what most people are willing to spend on a real car.

And this is only the beginning since if you put your hand back in the pocket, Rolls-Royce will be happy to reproduce the livery of your large Cullinan identically on the small, whatever the paint you you will have chosen from some 40,000 of the house color chart. This paint will be applied by hand, then varnished, before the body lines are underlined with an ultra-fine brush.

The interior is not to be outdone. Here too, Rolls can match the upholstery and finish of the miniature to that of your car, up to different types of wood. Of course, all the openings are functional, and the V12 is reproduced to perfection under the hood. Did Rolls-Royce push the attention to detail to move the pistons in the cylinders as on the last Bugatti watch and its animated W16? Maybe not.

This 1: 8 Cullinan is delivered in a one meter long Perspex display case, with a remote control to activate lights on demand.

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