This Mazda Miata tries to be a Cadillac Eldorado –

This Mazda Miata may well be the ugliest copy in the world. The reason ? Because its owner decided to try and make it look like a Cadillac Eldorado. But the mix of styles is far from pretty to look at.

Half American of the "Sixties", half Japanese. On paper and in reality, the mixture does not fool anyone. This car was reportedly seen during a car rally. It is proof that it is not enough to have ideas to modify a car and transform it.

The front of this blue Miata seems to benefit from Toyota Celica headlights instead of the original retractable headlights. The end result leaves much to be desired. Then it's the parts inspired by the fourth-generation Cadillac Eldorado that catch the eye, but that's the rear.

Successful look?

At the back, the owner of the Miata gave it bodywork elements to make it look like the classic Cadillac Eldorado. With the same large ailerons, the lights … But all of these elements have been reduced in size to accommodate the smaller build of the Miata. It certainly took a lot of work, but the result is not very attractive.

Note that these two photos were shared on Reddit and that they do not show the car in detail, but it seems that the interior has not been modified.

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