2020 has not been a very good year for Chinese manufacturer Huawei. Struggled by new US sanctions, it faces a shortage of components for smartphones, and ended up selling its Honor brand, specializing in affordable devices, in order to free it from the sanctions.

Moreover, Huawei is even in difficulty in China. And this situation seems to benefit its rivals, notably Xiaomi, which could take its place as the king of the photo on mobile and in terms of market share.

But despite this difficult situation, Huawei is not abandoning the smartphone market. Moreover, currently, rumors are already circulating about the next generation of flagships that the company could offer to its fans.

For example, recently the Wagar Khan YouTube channel posted a video giving us an idea of ​​what the P50 will look like. According to this channel, these images were taken based on leaked diagrams.

According to this source, the front of the Huawei P50 will have nothing really exceptional since it has a classic design with a borderless screen and a bubble on the front camera. On the other hand, on the back, Huawei could offer a new design for the camera module.

According to the YouTube video, this module will have two circles and each circle will contain two sensors, for a total of 4 sensors.

The design of camera modules is a way for manufacturers to distinguish their models. And Huawei understood this well since in 2020, the Mate 40 series had a circular module with an appearance reminiscent of the iPod.

Other renderings are already circulating on the web

It should be noted that currently, other renderings are already circulating on the web, both for the P50 and for the P50 Pro. And these images corroborate that the new series will have a camera module with two circles on the back.

But of course, for the moment, all this information is still unofficial and therefore, caution remains in order. In any case, Huawei has an interest in putting the package together with its next flagships.

Indeed, the brand is losing market share, but can continue to impress thanks to its high-end models. On the other hand, competition with other Chinese manufacturers is increasingly important.

For example, recently Xiaomi released the Mi 11 Ultra, which managed to dethrone the Mate 40 Pro + and become the new king of photography. And we wonder if the next flagship, the P50 Pro, will allow Huawei to take over this title.