This is what it feels like to drive a Bugatti Divo at 6 million (video) –

Is the Bugatti Divo different from a Chiron to drive? Here is the answer with the first tests of the Alsatian supercar.

The Bugatti Divo uses the chassis and engine of the Chiron. In fact, it is a re-bodied version of the Alsatian sports car, which still develops 1,500 horsepower and has the same interior. But it costs even more than the Chiron: while the latter is traded from three million euros, the Divo costs five million euros excluding tax. Its addition is therefore six million euros including tax.

This car, which will be limited to 40 copies (all sold for a long time), is currently starting its deliveries to customers. And Bugatti took the opportunity to organize a little test drive of the car in Sicily, on the roads of the legendary Targa Florio.

Different from the Chiron?

So what does a Divo really do compared to a “simple” Chiron? Here is the answer in video below.

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