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A Tesla-style Cybermoto was presented by a youtuber in a video viewed more than 2 million times. But it is in fact a simple "customization" of another electric motorcycle.

It may look like a Cybertruck, but this bike has nothing to do with Tesla. This "Cyberbike", presented by the youtubeur Casey Neistat in a video of early February 2020 is in fact a masquerade which aims to speak about another brand of two-wheelers.

The title of the video is however eloquent: it is entitled World’s First Tesla Cyberbike, or "Tesla's first Cybermoto", and we see the videographer strolling through the streets of his city behind the wheel of what looks like a metallic two-wheeler that borrows all the codes of Cybertruck, the electric pickup presented by Tesla end November 2019. Its look, both absurd and futuristic, all in aluminum bodywork, had raised many mocking eyebrows, but observers gradually rallied to its cause.

This is not a Tesla Cybermoto Numerama - This is not a Tesla Cybermoto - Numerama
The fake "cyberbike" // Source: YouTube / CaseyNeistat

A modified Super73 motorcycle

In the video, Casey Neistat clearly enjoys presenting his fake Cybermoto to curious passers-by, some of whom believe it to be Elon Musk's next project. However, this is not the case: the billionaire has always assured that he does not like two-wheelers, too dangerous for his taste – unlike Cyberquads, which will also be marketed by Tesla.

It is actually a motorcycle of the American brand Super73, which itself proposed to Neistat to manufacture a fake Cyberbike shell to superimpose it on an existing Super73 motorcycle. After a few minutes of video, we can see the way in which the prototype was built: first using planks of cardboard to get an idea of ​​the size of the machine, then in aluminum sheet. The team also relied on a 3D printer for certain parts, such as the small luggage rack at the back.

The youtubeur, however, clarified that beyond appearances, the motorcycle in its form "Tesla" had to be modified in depth and worked, in fact, less well – the pedals and the chain had to be entirely removed to make the place the false body on the side, while the handlebars move with difficulty because it rubs against the aluminum sheet. The style is there. For the rest, we will iron.

Front photo credit:
YouTube / CaseyNeistat

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