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Whether in a car, plane or boat, motion sickness often occurs when the eyes observe information different from that experienced by the inner ear, skin or body: in the car, this usually happens over long periods of time. journeys, when reading a book or consulting a smartphone for example.

To help reduce this phenomenon, which affects more than 70% of people around the world, Jaguar Land Rover engineers have developed software that will adapt in real time the way an autonomous vehicle is driven, in order to improve its performance. comfort and well-being felt on board.

A 60% reduction in the impact of motion sickness

This program is carried out by the Jaguar Land Rover Software Development Center, located in Shannon, in the west of Ireland. An algorithm has analyzed more than 30,000 test kilometers, real and virtually simulated, in order to understand the causes of motion sickness, and allows the autonomous driving system to adapt the driving and comfort parameters of the car in real time .

This is how Jaguar Land Rover wants to solve the - This is how Jaguar Land Rover wants to solve the problem of motion sickness - lemon squeezer

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This is materialized by a "well-being score", which measures the progress made: to date, this feature can reduce the impact of motion sickness by up to 60%, intervening every 10 milliseconds on physical driving factors such as acceleration, braking, position in the lane or intervention on the steering, which are optimized to reduce the risk of nausea for passengers.

This technology also enhances the advanced driving assistance (ADAS) features of Jaguar and Land Rover models, such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping systems. It can then be used to perfect the comfort and autonomous driving of each Jaguar or Land Rover model, while retaining specific characteristics of each model, such as the sporty performance of a Jaguar or the off-road capabilities of a Land Rover.

If we should find this technology on the future production vehicles of the British group, some models will remain only in the virtual state, like this 100% electric Jaguar hypercar only controllable via the game Gran Turismo Sport on PS4.

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