When Ferrari presented a 250 GT in 1961 with an extended estate-style body to improve the aerodynamics of the car, the British press immediately dubbed this prototype “breadvan”, which could be translated as “traveling baker’s van”. Nevertheless, this “van” raced the 24H00 of Le Mans and even the 1,000 km of Paris with Maurice Trintignant at the wheel before being completely restored by the classic department of Ferrari. It is therefore in memory of this “racing van” that the London coachbuilder specialist in hunting station wagon Niels van Roij unveils this sublime 550 Maranello Breadvan Hommage after 3 years of work. We remember that the bodybuilder recently designed a Tesla S hunting station wagon or even a Rolls-Royce Shooting Brake Silver Specter, so here he is tackling with talent the large GT coupe produced from 1996 to 2002: the Ferrari 550 Maranello .

This marvel retains the fabulous original 5.5L 485hp V12, but gains a large trunk, ideal for your fiancé’s luggage or the couple’s golf bags. Originally, the rear trunk of a shooting break was used to transport hunting dogs and guns, hence their name. Be careful, however, because the blue upholstery offered by the bodybuilder can be fragile in the face of dog fangs and claws. This aspect should not be neglected because the transformation is expensive: it takes 100,000 € to acquire a 550 Maranello in good condition, and at least 100,000 € additional for the transformation. But when you love hunting, you don’t count zero.

This Ferrari “station wagon” is truly splendid.

The Ferrari 550 Breadvan Hommage has a translucent bubble on the hood.

The trunk impresses with its size, while remaining elegant.

© Luuk van Kaathoven

The seats in blue alcantara are the best effect.

Niels van Roij did not resist putting his logo in the center of the steering wheel.

The 1961 “Breadvan” prototype built by Ferrari on this short chassis of the 250 GT Berlinetta.

© ph. luca toni / lapresse

The Ferrari 550 Maranello (1992-2002) offers a beautiful V12 5.5 L of 485 hp.