This Ferrari collector explains how he managed to buy a Ford GT –

To own the most exclusive models from Ferrari or Ford, it is not enough to have money. The brand must also choose you. This Ferrari collector has found a way to seduce Ford by purchasing a GT.

Car enthusiast or not, most people know the Ford GT. Notably for its legendary participations in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. But since its recent return to the market, the Ford GT has been one of the hardest cars to get, even if you have the cash to buy it. However, this Ferrari collector managed to convince the American firm to sell him a copy.

YouTuber, Ferrari collector and jewelry mogul David Lee explains in a video how he convinced Ford to sell him a GT. It is on his Youtube channel named Ferrari Collector David Lee, that the wealthy collector reveals this secret. In fact, he wanted to make the link with the film "Le Mans 66", which is called "Ford vs. Ferrari ”across the Atlantic. He "sold" his project to Ford, specifying that it could be interesting for the brand that a collector of Ferrari buys one to park it in his garage between all these Italians.

Another piece in the collection

Having an already well-stocked collection with vehicles like the Ferrari Enzo, F40, F50, LaFerrari and even a Schumacher F1, David Lee didn't want to buy just any GT. The collector bought an extremely rare variant of the Carbon series with many options. Aside from a strip of bare carbon fibers running the length of the car, the Special Edition also takes the opportunity to make a little revs and lose 17.7 kg thanks to the carbon wheels, lug nuts and the titanium exhaust, as well as a much thinner engine cover from the competition.

On top of all that, the car's carbon monocoque is exactly the same as that of the race car named "GTE". In short, it is indeed an ultra-exclusive model that David Lee has just put in his garage.

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