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Manny Khoshbin is arguably one of the greatest collectors of supercars in the United States. The name of the man who made his fortune in real estate probably tells you something, we talked about it several times on, whether for its McLaren Senna or the rather juicy resale of its Koenigsegg.

The fact remains that if we talk about it again today, it is because Manny Koshbin also has three Bugattis in the immaculate white basement which he uses as a garage. And he decided once again to tell us about it, not as before to detail the maintenance cost of a Veyron, but simply to tell us why he has so many Bugatti in his garage. Whenever you ask yourself if there is a fourth missing …

The Khoshbin Bugattis are not classic Bugattis, however. If there is any. All three are unique. A collection that begins with a Bugatti Veyron Mansory Linea Vincero d'Oro – a unique 2008 Veyron, the exterior of which is entirely in visible carbon fiber with touches of gold. This is a Mansory customization which alone cost a million dollars, in addition to the price of the Alsatian hypercar. Listed for sale a few years ago, it seems that Khoshbin has finally decided to keep it.

The other Veyron from Khoshbin's garage is another unique piece, a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse "Rembrandt" which is one of only three ever made.

Finally, the latest acquisition of Manny Khoshbin from the manufacturer in Molsheim is a Chiron. White. A unique edition that we have already presented here (see gallery above) and which has been developed for three years in close collaboration with the luxury brand Hermès.

The question that everyone is asking, or at least that this rich businessman thinks that everyone is asking is therefore: why Bugatti? Besides the obvious reason that he can afford one or more, and that these cars are unique, Khoshbin says he sees the Bugatti as a symbol of success.

A short and simple explanation, almost a little disappointing. But we understand better how it is indeed a symbol for him in the last part of the video: he explains his whole journey and how he succeeded in life. Something to cry in the cottages …

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