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Where to start ? This is a Volvo P1800 from the 60s. Or rather was, before it was restored and prepared by the Cyan Racing supertourism team, formerly Polestar (to whom we already owe the C30 and S60 concepts of the same name). The team gave themselves a little gift to commemorate their first world title, won in 2017 with the Volvo S60.

The resulting masterpiece would almost bring tears to your eyes. Cyan wanted to imagine what they would have done if the team had already existed in the 1960s: transform a racing P1800 into a road car.

" The Volvo P1800 Cyan is our interpretation of what could have happened", Explains Christian Dahl, the team boss.

The one that started life as a simple P1800 from 1964 therefore saw its tracks widened to accommodate 18-inch wheels (compared to the original 15, other times …), and its redesigned rear quarter lights, among others. The structure itself has been broadly reinforced with carbon fiber and high elasticity steels to compensate for the weaknesses of the original chassis.

Ah, the chassis. The torsion rear axle gives way to in-house independent suspension, while the front axle inherits double wishbones with aluminum knuckles, and two-way adjustable shock absorbers.

And for good reason, it is no longer a brave 1.8 hp carburetor of a hundred horsepower that officiates under the hood. Cyan has studied a number of options for the mechanics, including the preparation of the original 4 cylinder atmo, the transplant of a B230 (the 2.3 turbo 4 cylinder of the latest Volvo propulsions), a 5 cylinder, or even of a 6-cylinder in-line. There was also talk of an electric drive, but Dahl said nej. In the end, they opted for a 2.0 turbo 4-cylinder engine, the one that powered the S60 TC1 which won the 2017 WTCC title. 420 hp, 455 Nm, a red zone at 7,700 rpm, all to deliver " linear power and a torque curve with the characteristics of a naturally aspirated engine. "

This unit is associated with a Holinger manual gearbox with type control dog leg (first lower left) and a limited slip differential, the P1800 of course remaining rear-wheel drive. " You can go abruptly in a turn and still find the rope and exit to the millimeter“, Explains a certain Thed. Thed – Björk – is the 2017 WTCC champion, and that's his way of describing the handling of the P1800 Cyan. " I feel my smile widen every time I control the car's drift angle in a long curve. Absolutely, he spoke well of DRIFT.

To stop the beast, you can count on four large steel discs and four-piston calipers, although there is no assistance, ABS or traction control. Just you and your right foot, with 420 world champion horsepower on the rear wheels. Fingering required, especially as the P1800 weighs just 990 kg, a good hundredweight less than the original model.

" We won our first title with Volvo in 2017, recalls Dahl, and we have won two more since with other manufacturers (Hyundai and Lynk, Volvo's Chinese cousin, Editor's note). This first title was a milestone for us, and we thought it was a good time to reconnect with the past, and with those who made Volvos race before us. The Volvo P1800 Cyan wears our blue and yellow colors to highlight our heritage. "

Volvo did not intervene in the project – except to design the P1800 sixty years ago, they are thanked forever – this marvel is the work of Cyan Racing from Å to Z. The good news, c is that the team intends to make yours for you. The bad news is the price " on demand. »On a scale of 1 to 10, which organ do you plan to sell to get one?

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