Things that changed on flights due to Covid-19

The pandemic changed the way of flying and booking a trip again

The Covid-19 pandemic caused several things to change on flights, from booking one to boarding a plane.

Therefore, there are several aspects that you should take into account if you are going to travel during the coronavirus pandemic.

Flexible reservations

Something that you have to pay special attention to when booking a flight is that the airline has flexible reservations.

However, due to Covid-19, most airlines expanded their flexibility policies and several changes can already be made.

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According to a survey by Despegar, about 60 percent of Latin American passengers seek flexible flights to travel again.

Check in online

The airlines now invite all passengers to check in online, either from their cell phone or computer.

This is to avoid contact at airports as much as possible, that is why it is also important to download the boarding pass digitally.

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Rapid Covid-19 tests

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) suggests that all destinations conduct rapid Covid tests on passengers.

The tests must be applied before boarding a plane and upon arrival at the destination, before leaving the airport.

Less luggage

Another change in flights due to Covid-19 is that you must travel with less luggage, since the documentation service is not available.

Face shield

The mandatory use of face masks is another change due to the pandemic that must be used from boarding to getting off the plane.

More domestic flights

Because most international borders are closed by Covid-19, there will be more domestic flights in the coming months.

Taking off indicates that even there will no longer be so much anticipation to book flights, a maximum of 15 days.

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