They got married, sold everything and live traveling the world – News

Catalina and Agustín are two Cordobans who met while traveling. More than seven months ago his life took a resounding change when they decided to sell all their belongings, quit their jobs and travel the world together with no return date.

“Our families always ask us when we plan to return, and the truth is sorry mom and dad but it is not in our plans. It is difficult to quit work, sell everything, leave affections and friends. After 30 years it is more difficult. It is not a decision for anyone, although the truth is a decision that anyone can make. The truth is that you have to feel like it and be willing to give up some comforts, ”Catalina tells String 3.

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The couple's journey began in the Baltic countries, such as Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Then, they visited the Soviet Union and Russia. In addition, they spent a couple of months in China and finally met other Asian countries, such as Malaysia, Mongolia and Thailand.

The best destinations, according to the couple, were Mongolia and China

Agustin explained to String 3 that Mongolia, the Asian country, was the destination that he liked most of the trip so far: “I did not know it, I had no expectation and it is an incredible place that invites you to see landscapes that explode your head and you are not going to see somewhere else. ”

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Instead, Catalina argues that China was the destiny that captured her full attention. "It was the only country where we felt on another planet, because their culture had nothing to do with ours," he said.

ARCHI 612628 - They got married, sold everything and live traveling the world - News

Both agreed that the Chinese country has an interesting charm but it also implied a great challenge: “We are faced with a challenge to understand and accept a different culture. Being two months in a country where virtually no one spoke English, where food and customs were different, and yet the people were very friendly, along with the incredible landscapes. It was really one of the pearls of this trip. ”

The challenges to overcome

Of course, traveling seven months continuously, especially without having a return date, is very different from taking a 10 or 15 day vacation.

“The pace of travel changes completely; You can no longer be 18 hours a day intense as when you go on vacation. Daily life gets in the way, you have to go to the supermarket, wash clothes, etc. It's great as part of the experience, because it forces you to live as part of the society where you are, ”Catalina said.

He added that it is also a new way of living as a couple: “At the same time, it is a challenge as a couple, it is very fun. We have discovered that we are great coworkers. Sometimes being away is difficult; For example, we had problems with credit cards, we miss taking mates or eating a delicious roast. Even once we got intoxicated in China, we ended up in the hospital because of gastroenteritis. The truth is that every experience we have had has been part of the travel experience, of living the culture of the country we visited. ”

Tips on how to finance

One of the most frequent questions that Cordoba people receive is how they finance their trips. They make it clear that you don't have to be millionaires to travel. Catalina, in that sense, commented: “Every traveler has their strategies to face the trip, but we do always agree to spend little; That is the big secret. ”

The couple mentions that there are two issues that usually involve a large economic expense: accommodation and transportation. As an option, they propose to search for the communities of travelers and download the apps that allow sharing from cars to travel to staying in a family house for free.

Catalina detailed two ways in which you save money: “Be flexible, you have to be willing to change the route if you have to take another train or even go to other countries in low seasons even if the weather is not ideal for tourism "

Catalina and Agustin travel their new life surrounded by different landscapes and customs, and are willing to share their lifestyle as well as recommendations or advice for those who decide to venture around the world just like them in their account Instagram, which is @nuestravidasabatica

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