It is about the Comodorense who will go to trial for four causes in the context of gender violence against his ex-partner. His defender asked this Friday for a hearing to propose that he be transferred to his psychology session from the mayor’s office and the judge authorized it.

The hearing took place at noon by videoconference and was chaired by Judge Mónica García. The defender Ariel Quiroga, who assists Jesús Emanuel Caruso, asked that he be transferred to his psychology session on time from the mayor’s office.

The prosecutor in the case, María Laura Blanco, accompanied the defense’s request because she is especially interested in the defendant complying with this psychological treatment. In this way, the magistrate authorized the request.

On March 23, the judges of the Comodoro Rivadavia Criminal Chamber rejected the suspension of the trial trial requested by Caruso’s defense and confirmed the decision of the natural judge -García- who took the files to trial.

It should be remembered that Caruso is in pretrial detention until June 16 and awaits the oral and public trial against him.

The man is charged with the crimes of minor injuries in the context of family violence, which occurred on January 1, 2020 when, according to the accusation, he insulted and hit the victim on public roads.

On April 13 of that same year, the crimes of telephone threats and judicial disobedience were added.

And on June 12, according to another complaint, the defendant aboard a vehicle went to the home of his ex-partner. According to the prosecution, he passed through that place twice and breached the prohibition of approach and contact.

At that time, Caruso was wearing an electronic ankle brace and his movements were recorded in the system. That case was classified as the crime of judicial disobedience.