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It was one of the great ideas of containment. This drawing competition for children 16 and under was designed to keep the younger ones busy during this period of isolation.

And the result is more than conclusive! In total more than 5,000 drawings have been sent from all over the world.

But who says competition says jury and results. The wait is over and the British firm has announced the winners according to the different categories.

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO of Rolls-Royce wanted to thank all the participants and express his feelings after this event:

“The most important thing I learned from this competition is that whatever the circumstances we have the power to create amazing things because our imaginations are always free to fly. I hope the children who participated will recognize this as well and that it will be something positive that they can take away from their experience of the pandemic. ”

And the big winners are …

These revolutionary Rolls Royce designs made from children39s drawings Autonews - These revolutionary Rolls-Royce designs made from children's drawings - Autonews

Drawing by Tim, 9 years old, GermanyPhoto Credit – Rolls-Royce

The “Fun” category sees a young girl take the victory. Léna, 11, from Hungary wins with her very futuristic, multicolored car.

For the environmental prize, Saya from Japan wins with her anti-virus and anti-pollution car. Lots of ambitions at just 6 years old.

And finally the highlight of the show. In the "Fantasy" category, it is Florian, 16 years old and French who wins. A car / turtle capable of traveling in water, on land or on sea. However, associating a car with a turtle, in the automobile world it is never a good sign …

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