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These iphone that will not work after November 3, without update

There are only five days left for owners of iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2, Mini, 3 and 4 before their device is obsolete. In a push sent to its users, Apple has warned its customers that their devices could not operate normally from November 3, if they did not install the latest version of compatible iOS, 10.3.4 or 9.3.6, explain The Digital. Concretely, past this date, and for lack of update, the devices will lose their Internet access.

In question, a problem that impacts these devices connected via a GPS position in their operation. Every 19.7 years, the GPS systems are indeed reset to allow the devices that use them to work properly. A rollover that took place last April and had already disturbed some owners of iPhone. But the apple brand had given its users extra time to update.

Force the update

If, despite the warning from Apple, you forget to update your iPhone before November 3, it will lose many services like iCloud, the App Store, your email or Internet. It will then be impossible to update the smartphone from it. Only solution for latecomers: connect to a computer and go through iTunes to force the update, explain Digital.

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Finally, to determine if your iPhone has the right update to continue operating after November 3, Apple offers on its site an explanatory sheet on the procedure to follow. In addition, this problem should only affect a limited number of iPhone users. According to Apple, only 9% of owners of its phones have a model that still runs under a version prior to iOS 12.

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