"These are perverted acts, they need to hurt" analyzes a psychologist

For several weeks, attacks against horses and ponies have been increasing. For the time being, no arrest has taken place. Facts that come under psychopathology, as Hélène Romano, doctor of psychology and law explains to us.

Nine horses attacked in the area. Three dead. For several weeks, attacks on equines have been increasing. First in Saône-et-Loire then in the Jura and finally everywhere in France.

They are perverts, they need to hurt

On Tuesday, August 18, the Yonne gendarmerie explained: "For the moment, all the avenues are open. The motivation remains very difficult to establish. Several hypotheses remain: sectarian rituals, a challenge, acts of revenge or those of a psychopath."

For the psychologist, specializing in criminology, Hélène Romano, these attacks clearly fall under psychopathology. It develops: "It is obvious that these are people who present psychopathological disorders. The animals are not anesthetized and are victims of extremely violent acts. This causes excruciating suffering for them."

She continues: "These are pervert acts. They need to hurt. Psychopaths take pleasure in them, a pleasure that can even turn sexual for some."

Since the start of these attacks, no samples taken from the animals have been able to find traces of DNA. No trace or clue made it possible to trace it to possible suspects. Once again, according to Hélène Romano, this is the mark of psychcopaths:
“Psychopaths are very organized, very intelligent and leave no mark. They operate in a very organized and thoughtful manner. disregard the risk of being arrested and do not fit into social rules. They even go against these basic rules like not killing someone … "

Therefore, do any clues allow us to observe whether these acts could have been committed by different people?
"We notice that horses are mutilated in very different ways. Some are victims of stab wounds, others are emptied of their organs, gutted alive … The fact that the operating methods are different suggests that they are not the same individual profiles ".

Simple act of mimicry or work in an organized gang?

During his trip to Saint-Eusèbe on Friday August 28, the Minister of Agriculture, Julien Denormandie recognized: "We do not know if it is an organized group or a mimicry effect."

For the professional, this mimicry effect could only concern the least violent attacks, at least those which do not lead to the death of the animal, like attacks with a knife. She explains : "Those who are in an effect of mimicry do rather do this to have their moment of glory in the newspaper. Their acts are violent, but they do not go to the end."

The hypothesis of a rite of sacrifice?

Once mentioned, the hypothesis of death for sacrifice is difficult to verify. "In mythology, the horse is not considered a victim. They exist in some beliefs animals known for rituals of sacrifice, like cats" exhibits Hélène Romano. However, nothing concerning horses or ponies.

Likewise for the pieces of bodies taken, whether they are ears, eyes or sexual organs, no link could yet have been established with any rite. However, regarding the castration of animals, the psychotherapist observes that they are often perpetrated by people with sexual problems or past trauma: "Victims of sexual assault, rape or even with impotence problems" she concludes.

During his visit to Saône-et-Loire, the Minister of Agriculture, Julien Denormandie promised that "justice will be done". For this type of act, the culprits risk up to 2 years imprisonment and 30,000 euros fine.

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