These Apple users threatened to no longer have Internet on their iPhone and iPad – Sputnik France

Apple has warned its customers that from Monday, November 4, owners of old models of iPhone and iPad could no longer connect to the Internet without update. The solution for latecomers will be to go through a computer.

Starting Monday, November 4, old models of iPhone and iPad may lose access to many services, including browsing the Internet, if their owners do not update before November 3.

The iPhone in question are the 5 and 4. The old iPad are also concerned, including the 2, 3, 4 and the iPad mini, cellular version.

"An update is required to keep the GPS location accurate and continues to use the functions for which the correct date and time is required, including the App Store, iCloud, messaging and navigation on the Web, "explains Apple on its website.

Users who did not update their devices by Sunday, November 3 will need to back up and restore the data and software using a computer, because updates using the wireless network and iCloud backup will no longer work.

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