The Xiaomi Redmi TV SoundBar at 39 €, a very small price for a large soundbar – FREDZONE

Gearbest has relaunched an offer on the Xiaomi Redmi TV SoundBar. The sound bar is therefore priced at € 39.55 with the discount code I523A1D195DEB001. A code that must be entered during the validation step of your basket.

The product is sold new and will also come with a European format adapter. However, you will not have the choice of color since it is only offered in black.

xiaomi redmi tv soundbar - The Xiaomi Redmi TV SoundBar at 39 €, a very small price for a large soundbar - FREDZONE

The Xiaomi Redmi Wireless TV Sound Bar is on promotion

In principle, the offer on which this promotion is based is supposed to last about 50 days, but the code will only work a limited number of times.

The Xiaomi Redmi TV SoundBar on sale

The Xiaomi Redmi TV SoundBar takes over the form factor of all products of the same genre. It therefore comes in the form of a fairly long plastic bar, a bar made from black plastic.

Very discreet, its main merit will be to blend with all interiors and it will therefore be forgotten once in place on your TV cabinet.

Behind, there is also a very correct technical sheet. The SoundBar offers an acoustic frequency between 80 Hz and 20,000 Hz and an impedance of 4 ohms. Connectivity is no exception. This may come as a surprise for a product offered at this price, but Xiaomi's soundbar has the good idea to embed a Bluetooth 5.0 chip that will allow it to connect to a smartphone – or any other device – live.

As a bonus, you'll also get a 3.5mm jack and a coaxial connector so you can integrate it into most sound systems. However, the product will be shipped from China.

Buy the Redmi TV SoundBar at 39 €

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