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It's not just the AX1800 that's offered for a good price at Gearbest. The brand has also launched a promo on the most expensive model and therefore on the AX3600: it is priced at € 91.31 with the code M53752BC1F627000.

The product is of course sold new and comes with all of its usual accessories. Shipping costs are included in the price.

router xiaomi - The Xiaomi Mi Router AX3600 (WiFi 6) at 91 € - FREDZONE

Xiaomi also presented a new router

Gearbest does not impose any time limit on the offer, but the implemented code will work a limited number of times. The promotion can therefore end at any time.

The AX3600 at a knockdown price

The Xiaomi AX3600 comes at a higher price point than the AX1800, but it also enjoys much better performance. Be careful though, because, unlike his cousin, he is not the type to go unnoticed.

With its seven antennae, it will even tend to attract attention.

Still, this is the price to pay to boost the speed of your network. And of course the performance is there.

WiFi 6 compatible, the router can achieve theoretical speeds of 2976 Mbps with compatible devices. Not bad, but it's not over yet. The AX3600 also puts the package on the technical level and it thus embeds a chip composed of 4 cores with 512 MB of RAM and 256 MB of internal memory. The router is of course WPA3 compatible and it has no less than four Ethernet ports, which will also allow you to connect wired devices.

If you have a well-stocked network, don't worry. The AX3600 can support 128 different devices. What to connect all the terminals and all the connected objects of the house, in short.

Buy the AX3600 for 91 €

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