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Xiaomi has long been interested in our well-being and the manufacturer therefore offers a lot of products dedicated to this in its catalog. Like the Xiaomi 3Life, a very affordable air humidifier. It is indeed offered at 33.41 € at Gearbest with the code B52A76C211A27000.

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xiaomi 3life - The Xiaomi air humidifier at 33 € - FREDZONE

The Xiaomi 3Life, a discounted air humidifier

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The air humidifier at a knockdown price

The Xiaomi 3Life comes in the form of a small white cylinder made up of a rigid plastic part at the top and a transparent tank at the bottom, with the added bonus of a display on the top.

To power it, you won't need to place it near a power outlet. Xiaomi has indeed provided it with two rechargeable batteries of 18,650 mAh and it will therefore be possible to use it anywhere. The charging time, however, is quite long. The device will need 5 hours to see its batteries fully charged. In return, it will offer an autonomy of eight hours.

The operation is simple. To use the Xiaomi 3Life, all you need to do is pour water into its tank and switch it on. The device will regularly expel water vapor to humidify the ambient air, at a rate of 50 ml per hour. Note that the reservoir reaches 1000 ml and you will therefore have something to see coming.

Better yet, the product will also be able to cut the diffuser to prevent burns. If you are looking for a cost effective way to purify your air then this promotion should be of interest to you. Note that the product will be shipped from China.

Buy the Xiaomi 3Life at 33 €

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